landscaping frameMay 2012

Domestic Construction has been keeping busy with our ongoing project: design.plot. We’re turning this formerly empty lot into a community garden and event space. Design.plot is open to the community for farming workshops, film screenings, art exhibitions, and pure enjoyment.

You can continue to follow the growth of design.plot here and on facebook

hand dyed wedding

interior custom dyed decorApr 2012

There is nothing we love more than helping to create an event that celebrates the heart, family, and the future. A wedding is a day like no other, and when someone in our family gets engaged we immediately start dreaming of how to make it special!

For Trish’s sister Carrie’s wedding DC headed down south with bags packed full of hand dyed fabrics, wedding goodies, and excitement! All of our family and friends then joined the DC crew and helped to cut, tie, and wrap to create an earthy, festive world for Carrie and Joseph’s big day. It was truly the day of love we had been dreaming of for months!

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Design/Fabrication/Florals: Domestic Construction
Photos: Chia and Hon Photography:
Save the Dates/Invites: Cleanwash Letterpress:

hayseed’s big city farm store

custom shed constructionApr 2012

In collaboration with Brooklyn Grange and Brooklyn Homesteader, Domestic Construction launched and built this pop-up farm shop in our studio. In addition to selling farm and garden supplies, there are weekend workshops, classes, and events running from April through June.

Come visit us:
218 India Street
Brooklyn, New York

Hayseed’s Big City Farm Store:
Brooklyn Grange:
Brooklyn Homesteader:


flooring matsMar 2011

grounded: a unique flooring alternative

each mat is digitally dyed with an original hand cut paper design from the girls

please visit our construction shop for more product info:

Fit for Habitation

Aug 2009

“Fit For Habitation brings together 5 artists working in fields of fine art, design, and interior design. Fit for Habitation questions the idea that four walls make a home and explores interior and exterior spaces as well as more abstract conceptions of home through video and installation.

These five artists have collaborated to create their own interpretations of home through a shared installation, using both traditional and non-traditional property design and construction, materials, as well as following formal and informal conceptual movements taken from interior design and fine art.

The idea of opposites has also come to be an integral part of the exhibition. The concept of real versus fake is brought into play, by combining real materials with materials the artists have created to appear real and questioning whether we as people need the reality of a “home” or simply the illusion of comfort and safety. The exhibition further plays with the viewer’s concept of reality by bringing the outdoors inside, as well as creating additional interior spaces within the larger space of the gallery.” – live with animals

collaboration with sarah gates, cecilia elguero, sarah eberle

dc’s tepee and surrounding area is shown.

ted lights

interior home lightsMar 2008

An original Domestic Construction lighting design created using vintage teacups

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