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11 Ideas that Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There are many ways to increase a propertys curb appeal like planting trees and painting

Don’t leave money on the table and settle for lower offers when selling because your curb appeal is lacking. Knowing how your home’s curb appeal can negatively influence its value will help motivate you to make it cleaner, sleeker, cozier, and more inviting to prospective buyers.

domestic-construction.com gathered the following information and tips on how to raise your home’s value by increasing its curb appeal.

What is Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your residential or commercial property’s exterior attractiveness, as viewed from the street. The term was introduced and exhaustively used in the United States during the housing boom and persists as an indicator of the initial allure or appeal of a property to prospective buyers.

An elevated curb appeal helps sell a home more quickly, and for significantly more money because of the initial positive impact it has on buyers. Consider the following home upgrades and modifications that can substantially elevate your home’s curb appeal:

1. Plant Ornamental Trees

Trees add dimensional levels and splashes of color to your yard’s design with little maintenance required. Small trees are straightforward to trim and you could choose a boxwood shrub or Juniper tree to sculpt into a head-turning topiary.

2. Flourishing Greenery

There are many ways to increase a propertys curb appeal like planting grass bushes and trees

Beautiful front yards don’t necessarily need meticulously designed flower gardens. Shrubs, grasses, trees, and ornamentals can create a welcoming space like walking into a forest. Occasional watering and seasonal pruning are what these landscapes need to thrive.

Tip: Seasonally refresh any mulch or gravel you use around your trees and garden

3. Flower Appeal

Flower beds add splashes of color and flowing texture to your landscaping. Plant companion flower beds around trees and other features for a simple and striking finish. Extensive flower beds with flowing edges and shapes create depth.

Tip: Start a container garden on your porch for a beautiful and mobile garden feature.

4. Install Landscape Lighting

There are many ways to increase a propertys curb appeal like landscape lighting

Landscape lighting can illuminate the best features of your yard while adding shape, depth, and dimension. Line your walkways for decor and safety, and hang string lights on your patio for late-night entertaining and dining.

Installing walkway, perimeter, and garden lighting highlights your front yard’s features and makes your home more welcoming or inviting. Light up a specimen tree, your front porch, or a nicely pruned row of shrubs. Angle a spotlight toward the canopy of a sprawling tree to add depth to your lighting design.

Tip: Choose solar lights to eliminate any electrical wiring and significantly save on your utility bills.

5. Replace Gutters and Downspouts

Dented or peeling gutters and downspouts make a horrible impression on would-be buyers. Perk up the appearance of your home while guaranteeing the diversion of rainwater from your roofing system with updated gutters and downspouts.

6. Repair or Replace Your Roofing System

The home’s roof is typically one of the deciding factors when closing its sale. Buyers tend to shy away from homes in need of significant or expensive roof repairs. A leaking roofing system is often responsible for causing costly structural damages requiring extensive repairs. A new or repaired roof looks good and increases the home’s curb appeal, and adds a firm sense of security to your home.

Note: Your roofing system’s integrity carries considerable weight when your home is evaluated for its true market value.

Tip: The value of an existing or new roofing system is considered “hard equity” and can be added to the home’s overall value.

7. Repaint Your Home

One of the fastest and easiest ways to clean up a home’s appearance is to give it a fresh, vibrant coat of paint. Painting affords you the opportunity to:

  • Change the home’s color scheme
  • Highlight interesting exterior features
  • Clean up its exterior
  • Find and fix exterior damages or irregularities
  • Modernize the home’s appearance

Note: Small structural defects are often only found when preparing to repaint.

Tip: Repainting your home can have one of the most significant impacts on its curb appeal.

8. Install a Fence

There are many ways to increase a propertys curb appeal like installing a picket fence

The classic picket fence always makes a house feel like a home. Install partial or complete fencing to outline your yard and add some “old-school” charm to your home. A smaller fence is excellent for defining flower beds or the lawn’s edges.

9. Porch and Patio Cleanliness

Power-wash your porch and patio, and don’t forget to remove debris from between wood boards. Add a protective weather sealant if your deck is due for a new coating and retouch as necessary or repaint the whole patio for a refreshed appearance.

10. Refresh or Replace Your Outdoor Furniture

There are many ways to increase a propertys curb appeal like replacing outdoor furniture

Any outdoor furniture that’s old, faded, and in need of repair should be thrown out or updated. A coat of spray paint on porch benches or outdoor seating can quickly give it new life.

11. Replace Your Mailbox

If you have a mailbox bordering the street, replace it when it starts looking old. A new mailbox and a post price are insignificant when leveraged against the potential gains. When you install a new mailbox, make sure you follow regulations set forth by the United States Post Office.

Curb Appeal

In this article, you discovered information and tips on increasing your home’s curb appeal sub sequentially raising its overall market value.

Knowing how a cleaner, sharper, and brighter curb appeal can influence your home’s value should motivate you to constantly seek landscape and home improvements.

Ignoring your home’s visual appearance will lead to a shabby, unattractive look with low curb appeal and a significant decrease in its market value.


12 Inexpensive Ways to Update Your Home

When updating or renovating your home changing the decor is an inexpensive choice

Avoid being embarrassed by an out-of-date, rundown, old-looking home. Knowing how to inexpensively update your home will help keep it looking fresh and inviting without breaking the bank.

domestic-construction.com gathered the following information, tips, and suggestions to help you make simple and inexpensive updates in your home (even while on a strict budget).

1. Paint Your Front Door

When updating or renovating your home painting your front door is an inexpensive choice

A home’s front door is typically the first thing people see and judge when entering it. Make an impression with a bright, contrasting, welcoming front door color.

Tip: Be sure to choose paint made for outdoor use.

2. Paint Your Rooms

Give your stained, faded, and washed-out walls new life by painting them a new and refreshing color or tone.

Tip: Go to your local home improvement store, where you can pick up color tabs and booklets that help you visualize your project (they are supplied by the paint manufacturer and should be free).

3. Light up Your Porch or Patio

When updating or renovating your home hanging patio lights is an inexpensive choice

When hung over a patio, porch, or backyard, string “cafe” lights can instantly convert an outdoor space into a new destination spot, simultaneously increasing your home’s usable square footage. This new space proves valuable when entertaining or in the summer months when evenings are ideal for outdoor activities.

Tip: Use colored lighting during holiday seasons and celebrations.

4. Hang New Drapery

Your home can look bigger and feel instantly more luxurious by hanging floor-length drapes. You can accomplish this by elevating your curtain rod 6″ to 12″ above the window frame (or go all the way to the ceiling) and extend your curtain rod horizontally 3″ to 6″ past the window frame on either side.

Tip: Your curtains should puddle slightly or just graze the floor for a professionally installed appearance.

5. Swap Out Your Doorknobs

When updating or renovating your home changing your door knobs is an inexpensive choice

Is your home showing its age with dated doorknobs? Swapping them out for new ones can add up quickly but can last for decades, making them a good investment. While you’re at it, don’t forget to install matching hinges and latches.

Tip: If your budget restricts you to one or two at a time, consider painting them until you can afford to replace them.

6. Change Your Shower Curtain

Swapping out your shower curtain can make the greatest visual impact for little money. Choose a bold new color, display your favorite scenery or cartoon character, or large floral designs.

Tip: For larger tubs or “wrap around” tubs, use curtains on each side of it, opening in the middle.

7. Replace Switch and Outlet Covers

When updating or renovating your home upgrading switch and outlet covers is an inexpensive choice

With time, switch and outlet covers get stained, scratched, and broken. You can easily replace them and add a subtle look of rejuvenation to each of your rooms.

Tip: You can save money by removing, cleaning, and painting switch and outlet covers (just make sure they are completely dry before re-installing them).

8. Rejuvenate Old or Worn Furniture

While you are looking at reupholstering or purchasing new furniture, you can give your sofas and chairs a quick upgrade by draping them in blankets and throw pillows.

9. Add Plants to Your Decor

When updating or renovating your home using house plants is an inexpensive choice

A group of thriving, green plants can add instant style to any space. When potted in showy containers and arranged on colorful, multilevel stands, your plants can become the focal point of the room they occupy.

Tip: Most plants thrive in sunny and humid locations. Consider placing them near windows and in sun-filled bathrooms.

10. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

Instantly alter the ambiance in your kitchen by installing lighting under your cabinets. LED puck lights are inexpensive, super easy to install, and can last for years without inconvenient burnouts.

Tip: If your cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, consider lighting up the tops of your cabinets too.

11. Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When updating or renovating your home increasing curb appeal is an inexpensive choice

The front area of your house is the first thing everyone sees(including potential buyers), so make sure it’s clean and welcoming. Add plants to the porch or along the entryway, power wash walkways, install solar-powered walkway/garden lighting, and paint the front door (see #1).

Tip: Have your trees and shrubs pruned and shaped annually to maintain a sharp appearance while promoting tree and shrub health.

12. Upgrade Your Faucets

When updating or renovating your home upgrading faucets is an inexpensive choice

Changing or painting your faucets and handles can add an instant feel of renewal to any sink, tub, or shower stall. Upgrading faucets and handles also gives you an opportunity to evaluate and consider refurbishing or replacing the sinks, tubs, and basins they flow into.

Tip: Periodically check beneath sinks and tubs to detect any water leaks before causing any structural or cosmetic damages.

How do you update an outdated house?

In this article, you discovered multiple ways, tips, and suggestions on how to quickly and inexpensively update your home.

Knowing how to improve your home’s appearance by making subtle changes can keep your living space fresh and, in some cases, increase your home’s curb appeal.

Ignoring subtle but powerful improvements and updates can leave you in a dated, rundown-looking, embarrassment of a home.


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